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Warning Domain Update
10 months ago

Dear Users,

We regret to inform you that due to some internal staff problems and the sudden shutdown of our server provider, we have had to change our domain from "controlpanel.gg" to "ctrlpanel.gg".

We understand that this unexpected change might have caused some inconvenience to you, and we apologize for any disruption in our service.

We want to let you know that some data on our website "market.ctrlpanel.gg" might be lost during this transition. We are deeply sorry for any data loss that might have occurred and we ...

Info Premium Resources Guidelines
about 1 year ago

- Basically, any user can publish a premium resource.

- There is no guideline on how elaborate a resource must be. Here we believe that the market will regulate.

- For resources that cover core features, we ask you not to think about the money, but to make a pull request.

- We reserve the right to do code reviews and check your code accordingly.

     -> This may result in a removal of your Ressource

     -> If we find malicious code, you will be banned

- It may happen that features from a ressource are included in the official version of CP.GG by the Core-Dev Team. We will not steal code here, but build everything ourselves. This would render your Ressource ...

Info Welcome to CP.GG's Market!
about 1 year ago

We are happy to announce the official CP.GG Market.

A place for all third-party developers to offer their Themes and/or Addons/extentions on one central Platform.

Just go to https://market.controlp...

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