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Complete ad package for ctrlpanel.gg

Complete ad package for ctrlpanel.gg

[1.6] Monetize CtrlPanel.gg with Google Ads

This addon brings google ads support and AdBlock detection to CtrlPanel.gg

If you want to monetize your CtrlPanel.gg panel, this addon is for you. It allows you to integrate Google Ads into your panel and display them to your visitors.

But what if some of your visitors are using AdBlock? Don’t worry, this addon has a solution for that too. It can detect if someone is blocking your ads and show them a friendly message asking them to disable AdBlock or whitelist your panel.

This addon is easy to install and use. Just follow the instructions and you will be ready to go in minutes.

for a limited time customers will get the addon for 10 instead of 15 euros !!!  

Contributors: i got 2 phones
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Total Downloads
First Release
31 Jul 2023
Last Release
01 Oct 2023

Version 1.6

01 Oct 2023, 19:47


Hello i rlly like this addon but i need help bc when i use theme didnt work


| 1.6 | about 1 month ago Logiceb Logiceb

Awesome resource works as described. Had a few issues but the author was very helpful and responded very fast to my problems. 100% recommand this ad package!

| 1.5.0 | 6 months ago Ved Ved

Great resource, exactly as described. I had a few issues, the author was helpful and fast to respond to my concerns. I would 100% recommend this addon!

| 1.5.0 | 6 months ago Put Put