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Phoenix Theme

Phoenix Theme

[1.7.1] A Fully Custom CPGG Theme, With Light/Dark mode!

Phoenix Theme

This is a theme for CPGG v0.9.5 and is Fully Custom, every page is modified by hand. It includes Light & Dark mode out of the box with persisted preference. It is Made mobile first, means it is fully responsive on any type of screens (mobiles, tablets, laptops, PCs).


  • Responsive
  • Light/Dark mode
  • Clean & Minimal
  • Lightweight (~1MB)
  • Uses Components to make customisation easier
  • Excellent Code Quality
  • Low Page Load Time


There Is an installation guide named `HOW_TO_INSTALL.md` in the zip too! Download the theme after purchase, In the zip file you have to copy all the files from `copy-from-me` folder to the root of your controlpanel installation, this will be `/var/www/controlpanel` for most of the cases. Once you've copied that, you have to purge cloudflare's cache if you are using it, and run these commands to clear the local cache.

php artisan view:clear
php artisan cache:clear
And That's it, your theme is now installed! If you are still having some issues, then feel free to contact me on discord at "Flame Kitten#1101".



Dashboard Home [Light]

Dashboard Home [Dark]

Server Settings

Dashboard Home [Mobile]

Dashboard Home [Mobile] with sidebar open


Admin Servers

Admin Activity Logs

There is just so much to show, I can't show them all. But feel free to DM me if you need more screenshots or screenshot of a specific page!

Terms & Conditions

  1. You may not resell this theme
  2. You can not get a refund
  3. Do not copy this theme
  4. It is not guaranteed that the theme will be constantly updated, I'll try my best to keep it Updated.
  5. You can Modify this theme for your own use.

Contributors: blaze, flame kitten
Purchase for 13.00 EUR Other Releases


Total Downloads
First Release
26 Sep 2022
Last Release
03 May 2023

Version 1.7.1

03 May 2023, 16:27


I love. Clear and modern theme. The best I've seen so far.

| 1.7.1 | 4 months ago posion77 posion77

i luv it. looks modern 10/10

| 1.5.2 | 11 months ago sybetjehh sybetjehh

Amazing theme and support.

| 1.5.2 | 11 months ago Huguitis Huguitis

The work is good, but most of all I appreciated the developer. He patiently helped to resolve my questions, was extremely polite and helpful. This is the first time I've seen such a service and I'm very, very impressed.

| 1.4.0 | 11 months ago odies odies

i love it, nice design and easy to install. also it is very fast.

| 1.4.0 | 11 months ago JanjyTapYT JanjyTapYT

very good design and good support

| 1.4.0 | 11 months ago xpixel xpixel

I love. Clear and modern theme. The best I've seen so far.

| 1.3.0 | 12 months ago uwnyuD uwnyuD