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Warning Info Domain Update
Started by jensbot



Staff Team Third-party developer Member
06 Jul 2022
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07 Feb 2024

Dear Users,

We regret to inform you that due to some internal staff problems and the sudden shutdown of our server provider, we have had to change our domain from "controlpanel.gg" to "ctrlpanel.gg".

We understand that this unexpected change might have caused some inconvenience to you, and we apologize for any disruption in our service.

We want to let you know that some data on our website "market.ctrlpanel.gg" might be lost during this transition. We are deeply sorry for any data loss that might have occurred and we are working tirelessly to restore any missing data as soon as possible.
If you have previously purchased any resources from us, such as products, or services, we kindly request that you contact our staff team at our Discord or the resource creator at your earliest convenience. Our team will work diligently to assist you in transferring your purchased resources to our new domain.

We request you to kindly update your bookmarks and saved links to our website with the new domain name, "ctrlpanel.gg". We appreciate your patience and understanding during this challenging time. Rest assured, we are committed to providing you with the best experience and support possible.

Best regards,



jensbot · about 1 year ago · Last edited: about 1 year ago