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Info Premium Resources Guidelines
Started by 1Day2Die



Admin Staff Team
09 Jun 2022
Last Seen
11 Apr 2024

- Basically, any user can publish a premium resource.

- There is no guideline on how elaborate a resource must be. Here we believe that the market will regulate.

- For resources that cover core features, we ask you not to think about the money, but to make a pull request.

- We reserve the right to do code reviews and check your code accordingly.

     -> This may result in a removal of your Ressource

     -> If we find malicious code, you will be banned

- It may happen that features from a ressource are included in the official version of CP.GG by the Core-Dev Team. We will not steal code here, but build everything ourselves. This would render your Ressource useless.

- Your resource is your own work. If it is leaked on other sites, we are not responsible for it.



These guidelines are subject to change

1Day2Die · about 1 year ago · Last edited: about 1 year ago